Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones: Eastwatch Review

Bronn saved Jamie! We didn’t have to wait long for that but still not the biggest reveal in this episode. They jam-packed this episode with tidbits. Lord Randell and Dickon Tarley refused to bend the knee and were burnt leaving Sam the last living Tarley. We find out he doesn’t know while he tries to convince the Grand Meister to do something about the White Walkers which he the quickly dismissed. This angers him causing him to leave and go on a scroll stealing spree. He takes a look at the chandelier one last time which looks suspiciously like the objects seen in the opening credits giving further into the theory that Game of Thrones is written by Sam Tarley and we are hearing the tale later. Theories aside the biggest reveal involving Sam however is when Gilley ask him what an annulment means. Prince Ragger was given an annulment by the High Septer and married someone else in a secret ceremony in Dorne! Sam dismisses this but we the viewers now almost certainly know Jon is legitimately the heir to the Iron Throne! Couple this with the fact that Drago allows Jon to pet him, a feat only ever done by herself and Tyrion (I’m guessing also Targaryen) and we are definitely heading down that path. Will Dany bend the knee to Jon once she finds out, join forces with him and share the Throne or become the Mad Queen? Only time will tell.

Speaking of a mad Queen, Cersei still thinks there is a chance to fight the Dragons while Jamie tells her it was a slaughter and that was with only one, she has three of them! He wants to surrender while she believes they can either give up and die or fight and die, she knows her choice and so should he. More importantly a big reveal that a lot of viewers may have missed is Cersei is pregnant and plans to tell the people that┬áJamie is the father! I don’t know about you but somehow it feels more gross than the three existing children they already had together. Mormont is finally back in Daenerys service y’all! Did anyone else catch the looks she was giving him? We all know that Jorah Mormont was in love with her but is it possible that she loves him back? This certainly does eliminate a Dany and Jon romance but I think we are good on relatives hooking up on the show anyway. Besides Jorah is an everyman and I for one am rooting for him to get the girl. I think it would be a much sweeter love story than just putting her together with Jon because they are both fan favorites.

Arya is starting not to trust Sansa and Littlefinger is definitely playing into it trying to turn them against each other. In case you couldn’t read the letter it was Sandra’s letter to her brother Robb trying to get him to surrender to Cersei, way back from when she was married to Joffrey. She was trying to save him but Arya doesn’t see it that way. I’m very excited to see the situation come to its climax and see how the writers take this. I’m hoping it ends with Arya putting the Catspaw Dagger right into Littlefinger though. Bran wargs a bit because he can, this time into a murder of crows, showing he can control large objects maybe a dragon is next. He was told he’ll never walk again but he will fly. What better way to fly than by being a dragon! He sees the Army of the Dead and its freaking huge! Jon gets wind that Arya and Bran are alive and wants to return home. This prompts trying to show Cersei that the walkers are a threat and they come up with a plan to bring a white walker to Kings Landing to form a truce to fight their common enemy. Tyrion sets up a secret meeting with Jamie to have this done but Cersei already knows because why not. Davos grabs Gendry while back in Kings Landing. Gendry and Jon meet and discuss bastard things. Jon head back to the wall with Mormont, Gendry and Davos to discover Tormund has captured The Hound and Bernice. Jon releases them and they head out North of the wall. I love that they made everyone start to tie together an everything has a purpose. Great job Game of Thrones, well-played.

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