Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall Review with Spoilers

“Winter is coming”. It was spoken so long ago but has been the underlying theme to the show; after this episode we can truly understand what it means and just why the stakes were so high. This was a huge episode and one of the best of the series if not the best. We got to witness the first major battle of the war of the dead and it was awesome! Let’s get the elephant or shall I say dragon in the room out-of-the-way, how awesome was it to see a zombie ice dragon? I can’t wait to see the White Walkers use this bad boy! On a much smaller scale a freaking zombie bear as well. Not as impressive as the dragon but more badass to watch considering we haven’t seen the ice dragon in action yet. Jon and his men tracked through the North. Watching a group of men walk through an icy tundra while talking shouldn’t have been exciting but somehow the show runners did a great job of keeping pace. The whole battle scene with the Army of the Dead was absolutely amazing. I was literally on the edge of my seat throughout the entire last half of the episode. Quite frankly I’m mad at the Hound for showing the dead the path to them. However how crazy was it to watch the White Walkers take down a dragon with almost no effort?

Sansa finally discovered Arya’s secret by finding her bag of faces which is a creepy way to find out the existence of the faceless men let alone the fact that your sister is one. They did such a good job of building tension during their argument in this episode, especially when you consider that they kicked up the intensity to 11 later on. Arya seems to be extra aggressive which makes one wonder if it’s even her anymore. This leads credibility to the theory that the Waif killed Arya and has been impersonating her ever since, it’s definitely a possibility at this point. Tyrion points out to Dany that Jon is in love with her and they drove the point home that the dragons were her children  and only children she’ll have. I definitely get the feeling that Jon and her will hook up and she’ll get pregnant, I imagine I’m not alone on this. Tyrion also does a fair job of trying to get thru to Dany on why she’s a different kind of ruler and why she needs to stay different. She shows push back but you can feel he is slowly getting through to her. He’s making sure she plans for the future so everything they do isn’t for nothing. That’s why we love Tyrion, he’s the ultimate diplomat.

There was so many great moments within this episode it’s almost impossible to touch upon  all of them, this was truly a very must see episode and has me very amped for the finale. Huge White Walker battles, dragons, flame swords and zombie animals!  No wonder there are less episodes this season, they are jamming so much in and blowing their budget quicker. I feel the finale is going to be balls to the wall non stop extravaganza. Especially if we get to see ice dragon VS regular dragon. Let us know what your thought are in the comments below. Rest in peace Cold Hands, we hardly knew ye.

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