PC Gamers Your Time Has Arrived! Final Fantasy XV Will Be Released on PC in 2018

Are you one of those gamers that only plays on a PC? Have you been wanting to play FFXV but can’t stand consoles? Well, your time has finally come! At Gamescon today Square Enix and NVIDIA officially announced that a “Windows Edition” of the game will be available sometime in early 2018. Of course, the one major thing PC gamers constantly rave about compared to console gamers is their ability to have better graphics than their console counterparts. With Square Enix’s luminous engine combined with various NVIDIA features, PC gamers will be sure to rub it in console gamers faces in the coming months. From support of 4k-8k resolutions to the ability of making 360 degree VR views of the game, PC gamers will surely have the best looking version of FFXV to date hands down.

There has been no word on the release date as of yet but we can guess that it may be revealed at GDC (Gamers Developers Conference) in March next year. Be sure to check back for future updates! In the meantime check out the trailer below! The first person view looks absolutely stunning!

via: Engadget

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