Splatoon 2 Gets its First Major FREE Update

Last night, we were delighted with a nice little video from Squid Research labs.  Hisashi Nogami greeted with a “2” hand gesture and some good information.  

So let’s just start with the new stage, the Manta Maria. It’s a massive sale boat and it’s a ridiculously amusing name. Featured for Unranked and Ranked battles the new map includes three massive sails that look like they will add a bit of layering and strategy to the mix.

Then, we finally get the Bubbler Special! Or more importantly, the Splattershot Pro Forge. I am so tired of Point Sensor being the secondary ability on one of my favorite guns. Casting giant explosive bubbles across the map does sound pretty fun though. 

Lastly, we have a new Salmon Run map!  This one seems to take a deeper hold onto the game mode’s zombie heritage. The new Grizzco map seems focused on an abandoned compound that the egg basket resides in.  

We are all very excited for the first major installment of free add-ons for the new squid shooter! Tell us how you feel in the comments!

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