Yet Another Adaption of Final Fantasy XV Is In The Works; FFXV Pocket Edition

Okay, honestly Square Enix enough is enough. We get it FFXV is a GREAT game and you’ve guys spent a decade to bring to life but come on now. First you give us the horrible mobile app game empire that’s essentially littered with bugs and ads. Then you give us a VR experience for the fishing aspect of the game? Now your compensating for the lack of traction gained by the mobile app Empire to release FFXV: Pocket Edition??

Square Enix announced the “chibi” (a small version of a person, animal or thing in Japanese) style pocket game today where players can play through parts of the story-line in a ten part episode style play through. It seems very similar to the Telltale games style like “Walking Dead” and most recently “Batman”. The first episode of the game is on the house but if you wish to play further get ready to cough up some gil.

The idea of a pocket edition of the game is pretty decent however, I feel as though it’s a wee bit late to the FFXV: Universe. Although it would give newcomers and veterans a different view and taste of the game, the company seems to be milking the franchise till the very last drop. The screenshots look great and of course I will be indulging but still Square Enix, lets not try to over saturate the market with nothing but FFXV. You would think the company doesn’t have any other games to market or come up with new products for; Nier: Automata I’m looking at you!

No definitive date has been set for Final fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. We should expect it sometime later in the Fall/Winter of this year on iOS and Android.

via Kotaku

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