Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Closed Beta First Impressions

Over the weekend we here at ATQN were able to get our hands on a closed beta code for FF: NT and streamed our gameplay which you can find below. From destroying opponents with Cloud Strife’ s “Meteor Rain”, to blowing up everything with a 360 degree slash within a circle with Squall Lionhart, the beta left us speechless.

Of course the beta is limited to a tutorial video showing you the game’s basic control layout, practice with AI, the ability to connect with other players to duke it out in a 3v3 melee, and the use of 14 Final Fantasy characters from their respective universes. The concept of fighting is simple, defeat your opponent until their teams respawn bar is deleted, which in the beta was 3 bars. If you were able to play any of the Dissidia games on the PlayStation portable then you’ll fit right at home.

In order to do damage to your opponent however, like other Dissidia games, players must first bring down their opponents “bravery” which each player begins with 1000. Think of this as your shield level. Once that is depleted your character becomes vulnerable which is indicated by the term “broken” flashing red on your screen. Now dashing away from your opponent when in this state is the wisest idea. This is when HP attacks come in. By using a characters signature move from their respective series, for example Cloud’ s “cross slash” from FF7, you can begin dealing damage until your opponent becomes incapacitated and needs to respawn. As you deal more bravery damage your bravery number goes up. Once yours is flashing purple, that’s the perfect chance to use an HP attack to incapacitate your opponent instantly. Even the summon dynamic poses a game changer. With your team at the beginning of the match voting on which legendary summon to use, no matter who it is, it makes the fight that much more epic. You can even fight the summon off as well!

Overall the beta does a solid job of introducing the game’s dynamics and different fighting styles of each of the main characters from the series. The matchmaking of course was a slight headache waiting to connect to a room but once you did it was epic! I won’t speak on the graphics since I believe they speak for themselves. If you have a beta code now’s the time to jump in. You will have until September 3rd to try it out. After that, it’s gonna be a long wait until January.

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We got into it with Squall and later Cloud:

One of our longer runs

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