Game of Thrones: The Dragon and the Wolf Review with spoilers 

Well guys the finale didn’t pack a lot of action like the previous episode, but what it did pack in was just as satisfying. This episode was all about confirmation and closure and I’m OK with that. We finally get a resolution for so many things. Arya and Sansa finally appear to have resolved their issues and reveal that they have been playing Little Finger after all. This culminates in a trial that appears to be for Arya but is actually for Little Finger, that’s very sneaky and entirely fitting considering the character. Bran has been feeding the girls his visions and now they know the truth. Lord Baelish is responsible for Ned’s death, the attempt on Bran’s life, and most importantly Jon Aryn’s death and Robert’s rebellion. Little Finger literary started the war of the 5 Kingdoms! Arya serves the justice we’ve all been waiting for by slicing his throat with his own dagger. Justice!


The meeting with Cersei and Danyerus was very interesting to watch. Dany arriving on a dragon was such an amazing way to enter the arena. I feel as though it showed Cersei what she was up against, it was definitely a power play on Dany’s part. The Hound carrying that crate holding the wyte shows he’s a true powerhouse. I absolutely loved how he kicked the crate over and the zombie charged at Cersei before he pulled the chain back and slaughtered it. Jon demonstrating the only way to kill them is with fire and dragonglass shows that this is no ordinary enemy. I thought for sure The Mountain was going to kill Tyrion and I was at the edge of my seat. Then I thought he was going to kill Jamie and once again I was at the edge of my seat. Cersei certainly demonstrated how evil she really was and I’m glad to see Jamie had enough of her and appearance to be joining Jon and Dany next season. It seems they have quite the lineup to take on Cersei and the White Walkers. Literally if you have a favorite character they are on their side now. Unless it’s Cersei then I guess your dead inside, just like The Mountain.

However the biggest confirmation of the night is Jon is 100% Targareyan and the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms, not bad for a bastard from Winferfell. Jon in true Targareyan style hooks up with his aunt. We all knew it was coming and sadly all demanded it. The show spent a lot of time insisting Dany could not get pregnant. So I think we all know that she is probably now pregnant because foreshadowing. After the war with the Army of the Dead and after Cersei is out-of-the-way this will leave Jon to sit on the Iron Throne with Dany who is going to give birth to a proper heir. We may see a happy ending to Game of Thrones after all, but more than likely George R. R. Martin will just do the Red Wedding part 2 because he’s a true sociopath like that. My only disappointment is I have to wait 18 months for the final season, maybe we’ll get the next book before then. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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