Nintendo Switch has a tribute to a legend built in! 

In what might be one of the neatest homages in the history of gaming it was revealed that hidden inside every Nintendo Switch is a copy of the NES classic Golf. Recently we found out the true reason for the Easter Egg. Apparently the game is only playable on July 11th which is the day that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passed away. This is such a sweet gesture to a lost friend and colleague. Satoru developed the game and I adore how they honored him with something he loved. In order to access the content you either need a console that has not been attached to the internet at all and set the date to July 11th or wait until July 11th actually hits. There is no way to spam the system unfortunately. Once that criteria is hit there is a certain combination of motion controls imputed to access the content. Disconnect the joycons and from the main menu start with your arms at your side, then lift both arms upward and hold position until it starts. This was a motion Satoru used during a Nintendo Direct as seen below. Who else will be trying this next July?

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