Offensive Combat: Redux


Disclaimer – This part is a very bias opinion and die-hard, long time PC gamers will disagree and possibly hate me for this. Why FPS games on PC do not have FULL controller support is beyond me. A little background, I am a long time console player, always have been and always will be. I got into the PC scene about five years ago when I decided to build my gaming rig “Red Queen” from the ground up and never adjusted to the whole mouse and keyboard FPS. Everything else full on mouse and keyboard. MMOs, RPGs, Adventure etc. with the exception of fighting games but there not my style anyway and never really play them on console either. There now that’s out-of-the-way here’s the review of Offensive Combat: Redux

Going into this game I was expecting a really fun, over the top FPS. While I got what I wanted in a sense, it lacked graphics, balance and a community. As stated above which is not to be included in the final grade, there is no controller support and I don’t suspect there will be any. There is no single player unless you’d like to practice a certain gun, which was to be expected. I read that in the past OC:R was actually a free game and when they released DLC they put a $20 price tag on it essentially killing the community, which as you know the biggest part of a FPS is the community. I played for several hours and every game no matter the game type I was placed with the same players – experienced “pros” that knew all the maps and weapons, which again was also to be expected so I overlooked that as well. Throwing a grenade is comical, aiming was tough, and after 4 or 5 games the fun sort of went away.

There are positive’s to this game though. The customization is out of this world, you can make your character virtually look like anything you want (of course after playing for a long time and getting enough coins to buy stuff), there’s a feature after you kill someone you can run over to their body and do whats called “Pwn” them which is pretty much tea bag them and you actually get bonus points for doing so, sounds awesome right? I thought so to until you “Pwn” your 10 kill and it starts to get old. Pwns can also be customized. There’s currently 8 maps, 13 primary guns, 14 secondary guns, 8 melee weapons, 7 grenade types (one is a flopper, which if killed you flop around like a fish which is quite comical, and a chicken grenade which you could imagine when you killed you flap like a chicken.). There’s 4 game types DM, TDM, CTF and Custom. There’s an option to queue up for any game type and a single player annihilator mode to train and an explore maps game type were you can check out the different maps. The maps in my opinion are great, short, close ranged combat. Think COD and not BF. If you are into bigger maps and more flexibility look else where.









Dead community – I can’t stress this enough. Major killer

Price Tag – Another major killer


No controller support (con for me only)

Game stability



Final rating – 3/10 for $20 the price tag really kills the game due to no community, 6/10 if it becomes free.

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