Google’s new Pixel and other tech toys 

Google recently held an event where they announced a couple of products to make our lives easier. Wasn’t that nice of them? Hopefully they make this a yearly thing as they announced some pretty cool tech this year. Let’s begin.

First off Google has expanded its Google Home line by introducing the Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max. The Mini retails for $50 and the Max for $400. The mini is just a small scaled down version of the original Google Home similar to the Amazon Echo Dot. However a big difference between the Home Mini and the Dot is the Mini is a fully functional Google Home. The Max is designed to go against Apple’s Homepod as a high-end version and this thing is a monster in terms of size. This is the solution for anyone looking for whole home integration with a louder speaker. Think of it as a Bose Soundlink or a UE Megaboom that listens and speaks to you. Dope!

Google has revamped its popular Chromebook into the new Pixelbook. They have taken the much-loved netbook and made it more into a true laptop replacement. It’s a 4 in 1 convertible now similar to the Yoga book. You can choose either the i5 or i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and up to 512GBs of Solid State storage. It comes equipped with a 12.3in touchscreen and starts in at $999. It will begin shopping on October 31st so you can treat yourself this Halloween.

Time for the big guns. Google has finally announced the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2! The Pixel 2 will have a 5 in screen like its predecessor but the XL will bump up to a 6 in screen. They both have been treated with an OLED display this year for a clear vibrant display giving other phones in its league a run for their money. The devices are both IP68 dust and water resistant which I personally felt the original lacked. Both devices come with the newest Snapdragon 835 chipset which most high-end devices are including this year also coupled with 4GBs of RAM. No expandable storage again this year but the base models start at 64GBs rather than 32GB which is a nice relief. Once again the new Pixels have the most cutting edge camera and it is reportedly already better than what is currently found in the Note 8 or upcoming iPhone X. I still find the original Pixel to have one of the best cameras around so this is exciting.  Both devices will feature a neat little trick where you can lightly squeeze the sides of the device and it will launch the Google Assistant. Not necessary but still a nice touch. The Pixel 2 will start at $650 and then XL 2 at $850 and launch on October 17th. Once again this is a Verizon exclusive or can be purchased directly through Google directly if V-Dub isn’t your carrier of choice. The devices will not have a headphone jack in order to get that water resistance but that brings me to the final product.

Google can explain away the absence of a headphone jack by releasing arguably the most advanced headphones of all time. Introducing the Google Pixel Buds, fully Bluetooth buds connected by a single wire similar to a pair of PowerBeats minus the ear hooks. The buds are designed to deliver high quality audio and come with a case to charge them while on the go for up to 24 hours of play time. The real reveal however is one of the biggest game changers if the year and I for one am super excited for this feature. The Google Buds will translate over 40 different languages in real time! Say someone speaks to me in Japanese. My phone’s mic will pickup up and translate directly into my ear right on the spot. When I replay the mic on the earpiece will hear me and translate my English into Japanese though my phone’s speaker. This is truly groundbreaking technology. Google has basically jammed a Rosetta Stone inside your ear. All for the low price of $160. Love it! 

This sums up Google’s event and I think they definitely brought the Wow factor this year. I’m very excited to get my hands on the Pixel 2 and test the camera to see if it is truly up to snuff. However they did not include a front facing flash which is one of my biggest grievances with the original Pixels. They also will be releasing a revamped version of the Daydream but not much has changed on that. I think the Pixelbook is a nice alternative to a Surface or iPad Pro and I’m glad Google is releasing an able competitor. The Google Home Mini almost seems a no brainer of a purchase at this price and I’ll probably end up finally biting on the home assistant thanks to it. The Pixel Buds seem to be the real showstopper here and I cannot wait to try then out. All in all I think they did very well for themselves this year and I love to see the competition they are giving to Apple. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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