The Walking Dead Review: Mercy

After waiting for what seemed like the duration of an actual zombie apocalypse The Walking Dead finally returns for its 8th season and 100th episode. Rick and company gear up for war and I’m excited to see how this plays out. They’re already off to a good start, but not without some really obvious questions. Like how Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie meticulously planned everything out to almost the second, but nobody took a shot at Negan. I mean the whole point of this excursion was to kill 1 savior and they just let him deliver a long-winded monologue without so much as a single bullet being sprayed. Rick makes a huge deal to all 3 communities and the Saviors themselves that Negan is the only one that needs to die; yet he seems to have faired the best. Now I love having Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the show and became incredibly ecstatic the moment I heard he was cast as one of pop culture’s greatest villains but I feel like he shouldn’t have been in such a fish in a barrel scenario and more so I don’t think they should have let him slip through. A more curious question is how much time has passed since season 7 ended? I understand there was time jumps in the episode but I feel like some of that bled over onto the current time-line. Wasn’t Maggie’s hair shorter? How quickly did they rebuild Alexandria? How did Judith go from clearly an 18- 24 month old to sitting up and coloring with sidewalk chalk?! Why does Maggie not look further along during her pregnancy? Maybe I’m reading too much into it and should sit back and enjoy the ride. Maybe, because enjoy the ride I did.

Complaints aside I really enjoyed the episode. It felt very much like a fan service build up. The dynamic between and Rick and Negan continues to be so rewarding. That’s the beauty behind The Walking Dead, watching 2 people talk can be just as much as an investment as a heard of Walkers. Speaking of herds of Walkers, OMG was that a lot of dead?! I thought it was brilliant for Rick and his groups to use the dead as an army because they know if  it’s a straight numbers game they will lose. I love how creative the show is getting with the Walkers. Negan lines the Sanctuary with them and people constantly heard them to where they want chaos to ensue. Even in this episode one of the Saviors has one tied up for defense and Rick changes the usage by having it kill the same Savior. I feel like it’s a game of Lemmings with dead people, brilliant! Did anyone else catch Carl walking up to the gas station and almost completely mimic his father from the 1st episode? The only way that Easter Egg could have been better is if the teddy bear girl showed up! More importantly who is the guy Carl found rambling to him? I feel like he may be a sneak peek of Alpha or Omega but I could be wrong.

Is it just me or does anyone else hope Gregory faces a horrible death? The guy has been a total dick for his run of the series and just when you think he can’t he any more spineless he goes and turns on the Hilltop offering a useless ultimatum. Even Simon finds him to be useless and a wasted investment. I know at one point we all hated Gabriel but now he serves a purpose and Gregory leaving him like that makes you hate him even more. The Walking Dead is fantastic at making you switch all the feels and I’m very worried that one day I’ll come to like this douche too. They do this with so many characters it’s ridiculous. Merle, Daryl, the Governor and recently Dwight even having him assist with the assault on the Sanctuary. Negan is a prime example however it’s probably due more to his charisma than anything else. That being said let’s get rid of Gregory before he redeems himself.

The premier came out of the gate strong. Not the strongest season opener but a solid episode nonetheless. I would have liked to see just a little bit more only because it was the 100th episode but I think season 7 covered the big surprise enough for both season premieres. I loved the militant approach the group took again and it was nice to see them build up their teamwork again. Mr. Dixon riding a bike blowing shit up was awesome and I would like to see a lot more of that. This season is supposed to be brutal and I’m sure I will. I look forward to seeing where the flash forwarding takes us and want to know more about old man Rick. If this comes to fruition and isn’t a dream or alternate timeline than it seems we have a period in about 3 or 4 years where our group finds some type of peace. Maybe we’ll get the answer this season.  I’m personally hoping the season ends with Negan getting put into the cage that Morgan built a few seasons ago and I’ll definitely be disappointed if they kill him off as he has a long way to go in the comics. Feel free to leave comments or theories on our Facebook page so we can have an open discussion. Until then fight the dead and fear the living!

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