An Open Letter To Our Readers

Dear loyal fan base,

I wanted to start this letter out by thanking you for being a reader of our site. You helped make us as big as we are because without viewership we are nothing, so thank you. You may have noticed a bit of a dry spell from us recently. For all of us here this is either a hobby, a second job or a way to express ourselves. Mostly a combination of the three! Around November of last year most of us ran into a slew of blockades preventing us from having time to write. I won’t get into it because each of us had different reasons, some personal and some career related. This lead us to make the decision to take a break. I won’t excuse our lack of writing but I will ask for you forgiveness. The founder, Mr. Paul Campbell made the decision that it’s time we bring the site back up and I couldn’t agree more! All Things Quite Nerdy will be back up and running in early April. We are going to add more sections with different subject matter and some of us are going to switch up our style to enhance the experience for you the reader. We also brought on a few more writers as there was only a couple of us running the old site. We decided together that we wanted to give you guys and gals a true media platform and that is exactly what we will be working on. Once the refresh launches we will continue to add stuff and evolve as we see fit, because just like people if you don’t enrich yourself and grow then you’ll never get better. We all look forward to writing again and hope you folks enjoy the revamped site when it launches.

Thank you for your continued support!




Yes there will still be memes =)

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