Scalawag! Weird & Fun Things To Do In Sea of Thieves Review

Having only been released 2 weeks ago, Sea of Thieves has already shown significant promise. It’s already attracted well over 2 million players, has 5000 sign-ons daily. Also its ability to cross-platform with Windows 10 makes it stand out from the crowd. Did I mention that it’s also available on Xbox’s new $10 a month game pass program? Rare and Microsoft Studios may have found themselves a baby golden goose. If you havent noticed, Sea of Thieves is in fact the company’s poster child for the program, which is a smart move. A brand new game would normally run the standard $60 price tag, where as with Xbox’s game pass monthly subscription it’s only $10. So even if you’re dissatisfied with the game, at least you didn’t shell out $50 more for it. Some people we’ve spoken to have even said the game does not feel like it’s worth the full $60. My retort for that has been, neither was the first Destiny game. Yet, we still paid for it, and I personally have no regrets.

Sea of Thieves, like Destiny, is a game designed to be played with other gamers. Sure, you can certainly play the game solo however, that experience is stagnant and very lackluster in Sea of Thieves versus Destiny. There isn’t any incentive playing solo compared to playing with your friends. If anything, it’s a lot less fun. We hate to admit it, simply riding a boat with your fellow mates on a quest to find buried treasure, taking “Henry the Pig” back to port to sell, or even combating evil skeleton pirate captains for their possessed skulls can feel redundant. This is why we here at ATQN have made a few creative ways to enjoy the game a little more!



“Skipping Pirates”
As shown in the gif, if you hold down the attack button with your sword out you can perform a dash attack. However, when done from shallow water you can slide across the surface of the ocean very quickly. This makes getting back to your boat a breeze. You can make it into a race with your crew mates to a set destination or just race back to the boat for some fun The loser has to stay in the brig for the next voyage!


“Who knew a mast could feel so comfortable”

“Hide and Go Sleep”
Sure hide and seek can be fun, but what if it involves sleeping in random places? In Sea of Thieves you have a few emotes to play around with. My personal favorite is the “Sleep” emote. This allows you to hide your tag, making you harder to spot. This is perfect for hiding from your friends or even enemies!


“Drunken Vomit Tag”
Yes, we made this into a thing. After drinking more than 3 cups of great ghoulish beer, your pirate begins to projectile vomit all over the place. So we decided to play tag with it. The green stomach acid can also be used to fill your water bucket, allowing you to viciously throw the vomit onto another player. NPC’s apparently don’t seem to mind either.


Overall the game is still in its infancy and can expand on a lot of its content. Currently, grinding to reach reputation level 50 in all 3 of the merchant guilds is the only thing that is keeping players playing. You can find treasure chests, kill skeleton captains and bring back pigs and chickens to cash in. Rinse and repeat while avoiding other pirate players from stealing your “booty” or sinking your ship. Complete the rigorous feat and you will be deemed worthy of the title of “Pirate Legend”. Afterwards the end game content unlocks a mysterious pirate at your local tavern. So far, although his methods were scrutinized by the gaming community a few days ago, only one gamer has been able to obtain the title.

So matey’s, if you decide to play this game and ye want to have an enjoyable experience, find ye’self a crew, venture off into the shallows of Cannon Cove and find all of the treasure, adventure, skeleton pirates, chickens, pigs, asshole snakes, and more chickens your grubby hands can handle!

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