How I think Morgan transitions to Fear The Walking Dead and will they stop with just him?

So AMC has pretty much been shoving the fact that Morgan Jones leaves the cast of The Walking Dead and springboards into its sister series the past few weeks. A lot of speculation early on was how it would play out. Would they kill Morgan off and make Fear his prequel? Doing so would make watching Fear almost pointless considering we’d all know it just ends with his death. Or would they time jump ahead to be in the same timeline as the main series? This would make more sense considering they are adding several new characters this season. We finally have our answer and it is the latter. You can breathe your sigh of relief now if you were unaware!

But I’m here today to discuss how I think Morgan will actually make that transition. With the Walking Dead taking place in Virginia (right now at least) and Fear finishing up last season with the Clark family (what’s left of them) leaving Mexico we find a huge span of landscape between them. We are left in the dark on what happens to Madison and company at the end of season 3 so a time jump makes sense. Especially if you consider the fact that they’ll have to move closer to meet up with Morgan. But what if they stay near the Mexican border? What if Morgan comes to them?

I think the answer lies in last week’s Walking Dead. We see Jadis with a tied up Negan in her junkyard waiting to extract revenge when during their struggle she drops a flare into a puddle. A flare she was going to use to signal the helicopter that shows up. This shows us there is a way out, a way to travel large distances in a short amount of time. We’ve already seen Morgan slowly break over the last season with the process being exponentially exploited┬áthis the past few episodes. Greg Nicataro is trying to show us that Morgan is suffering from extreme PTSD and can no longer be involved with Rick and the Alexandrians. If we look early into Season 8 when Benjamin dies, we watch him snap and kill Richard for getting the boy killed. When he tells Ezekiel and the Kingdom what Richard did he says it’s the reason Duane had to die. He starts a slope where he can no longer separate his realities anymore. This is where they planted the seed. From there we’ve watched him stray from his no killing path to developing an insatiable blood lust again. Morgan needs to get away and I think he commanders the chopper, or at the very least meets up with whoever pilots it.

Speaking of the chopper who could possibly be utilizing it? Does it have to do with the newly introduced Georgie and the commonwealth? Is it more of the (in my best Negan voice) “filthy garbage people”? Is it the same chopper we’ve seen going all the way back to the beginning of the series? Or is it possible that Jadis had a connection from far away, say somewhere near Mexico? This seems like the most likely scenario. I think this is how we’ll see the two series connect. Morgan meets up with the pilot and decides to take a little road trip. More importantly though will they just stop at Morgan? AMC holds its cards close to its chest and making a big to do about Morgan going to Fear seems like a way to distract us from another character crossing over.

A leaked photo from AMC shows Rick, Michonne and Daryll with the cast of fear. I think this is just the beginning. However I feel someone from Fear will head to the main series. My money is on Madison. The all out war storyline is coming to an end and we are set to run into the Whisperers soon. Who better to take on the role of their leader Alpha then Madison? Alpha is a character who has nothing left to live for and is a skilled warrior. Someone who knows how to just survive somehow. Maybe Alicia and Nick don’t make it very long into this season of Fear and Madison breaks in a similar manner as Morgan is now. The only other person who’d I consider for that role would be Jadis since she just went through the dramatic loss of her people and clearly would have no issues with wearing walker’s faces since she lives in a dump now. Not a lot is known about the crossover but they’ve sure given us a lot to speculate about. What are your thoughts? Let us know in comments below.

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