Spider-Man for Playstation 4 finally gets a release date

Well ladies and gentlemen we finally have a release date for Insomniac’s highly anticipated Spider-Man game! The official release is September 7th and is an exclusive to Playstation 4. The game was announced last year at E3 too much amazement (pun intended) and will be based off the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. For those of you who don’t know Insomniac has developed some great open world games such as Sunset Overdrive, Infamous and Ratchet and Clank. With such heavy hitters under their belt I have no doubt this will be the ultimate(pun intended again) Spider-Man game! It looks absolutely incredible (sorry I’m out of puns). Who else is excited to take the wall crawler on an open world thrill ride this Fall?

Check out the trailers below

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