Garden State Comic Fest: An Awesome Review

Garden State Comic Fest or GSCF for short is a local comic/geek/artist convention, now located in Atlantic City, Six Flags Great Adventure, and Morris town, New Jersey. As you can see, Garden State isn’t just in the name but also in their pride and geographic location. The convention held in the Showboat Casino and Hotel, and the venue is spacious. This year was the first year we attended as Press rather than local attendees and the experience was quite different. The atmosphere was similar but getting in-depth with vendors and guests made the experience that much more surreal. Wandering around the convention itself was the best experience to say the least.

At some local events some vendors and guests can suffer from boredom, however this isn’t the case at GSCF. The vendors and attendees are interacting constantly, there’s no downtime needed for the simple fact that there isn’t overcrowding. Overcrowding will in most cases break the convention if it isn’t big enough to hold it’s own weight (i.e NYCC, SDCC, Heroes and Villains, etc). I’m glad to report this was definitely not a problem at GSCF, the lanes between vendors were spacious and flowing. If you’re new to conventions or the celebrity scene in general, there might some thought process around interactions. The celebrities that GSCF brought on were nothing but friendly, easy going, and eager to spark up a conversation at the drop of a dime. I mean where could you go wrong with Courage the Cowardly dog!?

Another great feature was the artists alley. This section main up 20 – 25% of the convention which is impressive to say the least. Most artists there were still students, who had their art on display as senior projects. The little hidden gem in plain sight was the kids corner. It’s a section of the convention only geared towards kids as well as kids toys

In conclusion, we wanted this article to be for those not deeply in the con scene; for those who’ve been on the fence about going because of the rumors of overcrowding, terrible guests, and even worse show runner. Those things are indeed true but aren’t true when it comes to GSCF, and those are some of the most important aspects when running a convention. Below are other pictures we’ve collected while in attendance, if you have any pictures you’d like to add please feel free! As always please leave comments, questions, and overall awesomeness below.





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