The Six Swords: A Sci-fi Adventure Comedy of Epic Porportions!

Have you ever read a comic and thought “dang, I cannot wait for the next edition”, The Six Swords does just that. Having only two issues out so far, The Six Swords is shaping up to be a diamond in the rough. The beloved love child of Chris Massari and Melchor Sabiandante starts its bloody adventure in a post World War IV era, where bounty hunting, warlords, and gangs run America. Readers have the honor of following six extraordinary mercenaries that find themselves in a predicament brought forth by the infamous warlord “Switchblade”. While only two issues have been released, the character development of each of the six mercenaries progressed so quickly, it’s easy to fall in love with the characters.

“Spider Sanchez REALLY doesn’t care”

One in particular, Spider Sanchez, a fencing psychopath with only one thing on his mind, the thrill of a kill. Sanchez sets the bar high for comedic relief with his non-stop-filter dialogue, it’s easy to see how he’s the comedian of the group. Even if it is dark humor. The other characters like Oriental Savage, a gigantic Asian mercenary who only speaks Mandarin with his “Chinaman” partner who we have yet to figure out the identity of, also have their comedic moments. Yet, its Sanchez that takes the Oscar for best comedic performance of the bunch.

“Oriental Savage and his partner have their moments too!”

Although Spider Sanchez is my favorite character thus far, do not let that deter you from liking the others. There’s Apollo Adonis, who is a mysterious sharpshooting archer that appears to be on his own ┬ámission in the very first issue. Resembling the superhero Arrow, not much is spoken about him, except the reader can witness first hand at his badass-ness as he headshots his enemies with precision. Then there is former Commandant Graves, who wishes to leave his previous military life in the past, and focus on wiping psychopaths like Sanchez off the map. Finally, we have Old Bull Wilson. An axe and sword wielding old dog with a lot of bite, who has stayed loyal to the mercenary game since the end of the war.

Without spoiling the story, all six characters find themselves at a fork in the road within the second issue. A decision to choose between continuing pursuing in their gory lives or bounties topple a warlord who is trying to “Making America Great Again”. The possibilities are endless with this motley crew. Will they work together? Or will they end up killing each other before they get to become the saviors of America? One thing is for certain, the story must continue!

Overall, The Six Swords has an enormous amount of potential to become something great. It has a Cowboy Bebop feel to it, mixed with a sprinkle of Samurai 7, and a dash of The Hateful Eight. I’m surprised the comic has yet to be picked up by a major publisher. I would love to see more of how each of the characters back story unfolds and see how much they will develop over time. For now, thank you Chris Massari and the entire 6S Studios and AHR visions team for a hilariously bloody great read so far!


Want to read what all the hype is about? Download the PDF version of the comics below! Be sure to also check out “The Six Swords” Facebook page for updates and news!

The Six Swords Issue 1: “JigSaw Falling Into Place”

The Six Swords Issue 2: “American History”


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