A hacker figures out a solution to the Switch’s biggest problem

The Nintendo Switch released last year with a lot of fanfare and overall positive reviews. In fact most of us here at All Things Quite Nerdy own one, I love mine! However, there has been one big gaping flaw design built into the software that has yet to be remedied by Nintendo. So therefore, a hacker took it into his own hands to fix it. Hacker Giordano has figured out a way to back up his save files. This is something the Switch has been lacking since its initial release. Especially when you consider that the device itself uses a standard micro SD card as expanded memory and runs off of a what is essentially a cell phone processor. This the secret to what makes the Switch popular, that you can bring it anywhere. The very same thing that makes smartphones so popular. That being said how many cell phones are lost or damaged every year? I can tell you from 8 years experience in the wireless industry it’s a lot. The difference is all of those smartphones have ways to back up user data. The Switch being a portable console should have some kind of failsafe built into it to protect the over 200 hours I’ve sunk into Breath of the Wild! Even my Xbox One and PS4 who sit snugly on an entertainment center never moving both have backup options. Unfortunately, Giordano will not be releasing his exploit to the public. So this really begs the question of why Nintendo hasn’t found a solution yet?

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