New Digital Lineup Announced by Marvel

This year’s C2E2 was a banner event for all the true believers. A lot of the talk in Chicago may have been about DC and getting things signed by Jim Lee but it was Marvel that was making big announcements over the weekend. We were introduced to C.B. Cebulski the new Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics and a new division of the company, Marvel New Media. Dan Silver formerly of ESPN where he helped develop ESPN Films which is responsible for the successful 30 for 30 documentary series will act as the new division’s Vice President. Silver’s goal is to unite the world of the fantastic with the real world by connecting with fans on many levels.

As part of Marvel’s promise for a fresh take in 2018 Marvel New Media will be responsible for a daily schedule of digital series. The new slate includes relaunched versions of shows like This Week in Marvel and Women of Marvel, as well as new series Earth’s Mightiest Show, Marvel’s Voices, Marvel’s Eat the Universe and Marvel’s first scripted podcast Wolverine: The Long Night. Some of the shows have already started airing and the rest will be up to speed by the end of April.


Counting down the best of the Marvel Universe, ranked by the editors of Past episode topics include Top 10 Tragic Deaths and Top 10 Breakups. Each week you will be able to tune in and debate the list with other fans.

The first scripted podcast from Marvel, starring Celia Keenan-Bolger and Ato Essandoh as Agents Pierce and Marshall, with Richard Armitage as Wolverine. This show made its debut early last month on Stitcher’s premium service. The story revolves around Pierce and Marshall as they investigate a series of murders in Burns Alaska and their number one suspect, Logan.


For the Marvel zombie with a more refined pallet, Tuesdays will give you a chance to cook the Marvel way. Chef Justin Warner, of Food Network fame, welcomes a variety of guests into his kitchen to cook dishes inspired by Marvel’s history and talk about their love of comics, Super Heroes, food and everything in between.

Has it been awhile since you’ve been to the comic store or are you looking for something new to read? Hosts Ryan Penagos and Tucker Markus will help guide you through the stories you don’t want to miss and what you need to catch up on.


Wednesday is dedicated to new or returning fans. Marvel 101 will give you all the backstory you need for the fan favorite and lesser-known characters.


Hosted by Lorraine Cink and Langston Belton, Earth’s Mightiest Show brings Marvel fandom to life with interviews, behind the scenes access and much more. All with the mission of showing how the Marvel Universe has affected fandom and culture around the world

Women of Marvel sets out to prove that the world of comics is not just a boy’s club. Women work in all areas of the comics industry and this show co-hosted by Sana Amanat and Judy Stephens, celebrates the stories of the creative forces that helped build Marvel’s legacy as well as many other remarkable women across pop culture.

The Marvel universe acts as the catalyst for host Angélique Roché to hold in-depth conversations with creators at Marvel about the importance of diversity both in characters and viewpoints. The conversations will begin with Marvel and then branch out into all aspects of life.


Hosts Ryan Penagos and Jamie Frevele lay out all the details fans need to know about their favorite Marvel characters and stories. The pair will engage with the community, and conduct in-depth podcast and on-camera interviews with an array of creatives within Marvel and those inspired by the Marvel brand

The Marvel Universe is growing all the time and doing its best to embrace fans on every level. Now you will be able to listen to a Marvel podcast on your way to work, read Marvel comics in your downtime and eat Marvel inspired food for dinner. The best part is that they are trying to embrace all of their fans. Everyone should have a show that they can connect with as a fan and on a deeper personal level.

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