Sega to release Megadrive Mini

“Sega does what Nintendon’t” was a famous ad slogan for years when the two game companies used to duke it out back in the Nineties. The companies for years would take jabs at each another and then copy each another. Both companies would go back and forth “They have 8 bit, we have 8 bit; They went 16bit, so will we; they have a lovable mascot, so do we!” You get the picture. Well, Sega hung up the console game years ago and has been busy making arcade titles and ruining your favorite hedgehog for the last decade, until now. Nintendo found great success with the NES Classic and SNES Classic. Now Sega wants to relive its glory days of the first console war with a the Megadrive Mini. The Megadrive was the name of the Sega Genesis in Japan and it appears they are going to keep that moniker when they go Stateside as well. Sega hasn’t announced anything else outside of the existence on the retro console itself; nevertheless, one has to wonder how well the console will do? See while Nintendo played its cards close to its chest with the classic titles by releasing them strategically, Sega has released its classics time and time again. There has been a Genesis compilation for every console under the sun, except the current generation and they are releasing that this May. Sega has also licensed several retro consoles to outside manufacturers over the years. You can easily buy them on Amazon or even at your local Target! Some of them even take the original cartridges if you want to relive the glory days of stacking a copy of Sonic and Knuckles on top of Sonic 2 on top of a Game Genie. I’m fairly positive if there was a toaster with a disc drive, Sega would have licensed a copy for that as well. Let’s see what tricks Sega has up its sleeve. Until there is further announcements I’ll keep an open mind!

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