“Arrrghh, Gimmie More To Do!”; Rare Acknowledges Player Complaints of Lack of Content

Just under a month has passed since Sea of Thieves first honored us with all of its glory. We already have our first “pirate legends”, players who have reached level 50 in all 3 merchant guilds, and an infinite amount of hilarious PvP stories that are bound to make even the occasional gamer chuckle. Although the game initially gave players a taste of scurvy with its various bugs, missing achievements, glitches, and server issues (like all new games at launch), the developer Rare is attempting to do something before the Krakens of the community rampage across the digital sea in full force. The company is undoubtedly listening to its fast growing community.

This is proven in the 13 minute episode 23 of “Sea of Thieves: Inn-Side Story”, where Rare speaks about its plans for the future of the game. Within that plan Rare acknowledged the game’s lack of in-game and end-game content and aim to correct that within the next few months. By doing this and being as transparent as possible, this shows the company cares about the needs and wants of its fan base. Compare this method of thinking with other major developers and you’ll be met with a very mean side-eye. Yes, I’m looking at you Bungie!

The video also speaks on plans in May for an event titled, ” The Hungering Deep” that will offer “new mechanics and rewards” for players during the event. This event will go hand-in-hand with new updates in the summer months which will include a new map called “The Forsaken Shores”, a new ship to journey with entitled “Cursed Sails, and most importantly, new AI enemies and NPC’s. There were even talks of having daily and weekly events like these in the near future as well. That would make grinding to “Pirate Legend” status much more enjoyable!

For more details about Rare’s road map for the game, Check out their video below!

Is Sea of Thieves becoming too repetitive to you? Let us know what Rare should change in the comments below!

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