Extinction: Should stay extinct

Do you like Attack on Titan? What about Shadow of Colossus? Or maybe even Devil May Cry? If you said yes to all three than this game is still not for you. It’s not the worst game I’ve ever played but it is very close. It feels like AoT which is great and the Ravenii resemble bosses from SoC. The Titans in AoT and the combat is that of Devil May Cry. That sounds like the best game ever right? I thought so too! Once I installed it, I couldn’t wait to fire this game up and play it.

You play as Avil and he is one of the last members of the Sentinels. He is set out to kill the Ravenii, gigantic ogres on a warpath to wipe out every last human. They can only be killed with a slice to the back of the neck, which usually involved Avil having to remove several pieces of armor first and then climb to top of their head and executing them. Every mission can vary between saving an amount of civilians. This is done by activating teleport crystals, killing an amount of Ravenii or their counter part smaller Orcs. Or by keeping key structures up until a timer runs out. Human deaths and demolished buildings affect the extinction meter by making it go down faster, which causes you to fail the mission.

Sadly, I didn’t manage to make it all the way through. Once I reached close to the halfway point, I just couldn’t play it anymore. Every mission is timed in more ways than one. If you are going for full completion, just about every mission has a time requirement for completion in a certain amount of time. Not to mention just about every mission has a city “life” bar which if destroyed, you also lose. The Ravenii can only be killed when the game tells you they can be killed. I jumped on several Ravenii and knocked their helmets off but it still would not let me execute them without destroying more armor for some reason. The orcs on the ground take too long to kill and the combos aren’t anything to brag about.

The high point comes in the graphics and the controls; which are surprisingly decent. It’s fun zipping from building to building and wall running. Too bad everything is timed and you can’t enjoy it. The customization is fairly decent as well, lots of different options. The story from what I gathered is just repetitive just like the missions, not too much variety.

If you like being timed, this game is all for you. I can’t recommend this to anyone unfortunately. I had high hopes, even if you are a fan of the AoT, SoC and DmC you won’t enjoy this one.

Nevertheless avoid this game! I wouldn’t even pick this up on sale for $10 on steam.


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