Eggsy is Elton

Paramount Pictures is getting the band back together for the new John Elton Biopic Rocketman. Matthew Vaughn is slated to produce the Dexter Fletcher helmed film, and Taron Egerton was recently announced to star. If you think you’ve heard these names grouped together before you are 100% right. Vaughn directed Egerton in each of the Kingsman films and produced the underrated Eddie the Eagle which starred Egerton and was directed by Fletcher. Oh, and John Elton was also a part of Kingsman 2.

If you’re wondering if it will be lip-synced or if Egerton can handle the vocals for the movie, have no fear, Egerton will feel all the singing. In fact, in the 2016 animated feature Sing, Egerton played Johnny whose big moment was singing the Elton John song, I’m Still Standing. With a strong creative team, great cast and a killer soundtrack I can’t wait to see this movie.

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