This War of Mine

This War of Mine was created by 11 Bit Studios. Yes, it has been out for about for almost four years; however, the reason I am reviewing it is because their new game Frost Punk is set to release April 24th and it’s very similar in style. I wanted to show this the love it deserves. This is one of the games I keep going back to over and over again and honestly can’t explain why. I just love it! It is available on Steam for $20 and the DLC is currently $10 which includes This War of Mine: The Little Ones and This War of Mine: Stories – Season Pass. War Child Charity DLC is also available for $1 and all DLC can be purchased separately as well. It’s also available for Mobile, Xbox One, PS4 and OS X.

In This War of Mine, you do not play as an elite soldier with a full arsenal at his disposal, instead you play as a group of civilians trying to survive in a rundown city, you struggle with everyday life events – lack of food, medicine, hostile thieves and scavengers, even snipers. It’s an experience of war from a entirely and completely different angle.

+The stories and backgrounds of the characters are great. They actually ALMOST make you feel bad for robbing or killing the other survivor for food, resources and medicine.

+There’s a stealth element. Grab a gun and shoot elements. Use a knife or shovels and many more items for combat. Even hide in closets to ambush survivors. Do you go help the neighbors and receive random supplies while Johnny is sick and hurt in bed or do you stay and help out? Do you go to the military base that’s on high alert and rob them or fight?

+Each character plays a specific role. Some are better at some things than others. Some can carry 14 or 16 items in their bag. Where as another character can only hold 8 but is an excellent cook or really strong in combat situations or with kids.

+ Not bringing a shovel or crowbar to a location for the night and being completely screwed on gaining supplies. You will be wasting an entire night only to come home to find out Mike the cook got wounded, you’ve been robbed, Jane the wench is depressed, and Frank the handyman got sick.

+ Needing fire for the winter days is a great touch. Don’t have fire and you wont survive. You’ll probably freeze to death!

+ You can build defenses and anything you don’t bring on the night run. The survivors you place on Guard can use the guns you’ve acquired as long as you have bullets. Also, they will also use melee weapons and you can repair your home base.

– Music is eerie but lack luster IMO.

– Graphics COULD be better but I am just nitpicking now.


The decisions I’ve made in this game questioned my morals in real life. 10/10

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