Sega and Capcom Humble Bundle Sale for Playstation

Normally here at All Things Quite Nerdy we don’t report on game sales mostly because there are so many of them, so few of us and we all have full-time jobs. However, Humble Bundle has an incredible deal right now if Sony is your console maker of choice. Capcom and Sega have teamed up to offer up a nice catalog of digital games for your consumption.

Pay what you want involves any denomination of a dollar or more. This gives you access to the Dead Rising remake for PS4, Crazy Taxi for PS3 and Super Monkey Ball and Dustforce for the Vita.

If you pay more than the average you net a slew of games including Resident Evil HD and Code Veronica, Alien Isolation and the Mega Man Legacy Collection for PS4. You also get Sonic Generations and Binary Domain for PS3.

Pay $15 or more and get Dead Rising 2 and Valkerya Chronicles for PS4.

As always with Humble Bundle they donate a nice portion of it to charity. Get your game on in the link below.

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