Vegito Gameplay Trailer Leaked for Dragonball FighterZ

The person in charge of the Bandai Namco Tawainese Facebook page is probably in a bit of hot water currently. This is due to the trailer for Vegito and his “baddassery” were displayed a wee bit too early. Since the mishap, the company has taken down the video, but not before fellow geeks and nerds uploaded copies onto YouTube.

Having announced a total of 8 new characters as DLC, Bandai Namco is making Vegito the fourth added character for the franchise. That’s right next to Fused Zamasu. The two fused powerhouses will be available for season pass owners soon. No word yet on the actual release date or individual pricing. If we had to guess though since Bardock and Brolly were released in March, one may be lead to believe that their release maybe in early June. Let’s hope so! I don’t know about you guys, but the Final Kamehameha looks amazing! Check it out in the trailer below!

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