“Fork Knife”(Fortnite) Gets “Thanos Gamemode” For A Limited Time

The highly popular Epic game Fortnite and the “Deebo” of the MCU Thanos are having a limited time cross over event starting tomorrow Tuesday May 8th. According to an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, the directors of the emotional roller coaster Avengers Infinity War are apparently avid fans of the game. So much so, that during their downtime editing the movie they would get a few games in between shots. They have thought Thanos should be in the game, even if it’s temporarily. As of right now, all we know is that players will need to find the Infinity Gauntlet somewhere on the map. Once they do, they will be transformed into the mad titan himself with all of his powers. Either way, just knowing that players will have a chance to play as Thanos is a real mind-blower and shows how flexible the company is to ideas from just about anywhere. From dance emotes to player skins, Epic has truly shown its dedication to its millions of fans.

Do you agree with Epic’s decision to make a cross-over?

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Via: Entertainment Weekly

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