SuperMansion Season Premier!

Ok SuperMansion fans, we have a treat for you. We have obtained a new clip from season 3, which premieres Monday, May 7th on Crackle.

The clip acts as a perfect microcosm of what we can expect this season. A group of people who mostly hate each other but have a lot of frequent forced to live and work together. Lex will lead the mission for trust and unity, but the question is, who will join her side and when. Will the villains be able to put their evil ways behind them and earn the trust of the heroes or will they slip into old habits? Will the heroes be able to forgive and lead their new team or will their mistrust put the world in harm’s way?

You can watch the full trailer here. See if you can spot any newcomers like Mikey Day (Saturday Night Live) as Max Penalizer, the world’s newest anti-hero. If you didn’t notice him, maybe the voice of Oscar and Emmy-nominated actress Minne Driver will catch your ear. She will be in a recurring but yet to be identified role. Could she be the new big bad now that all the bad guys are now “good guys?”

Find out as Sony releases a new episode every Monday starting May 7th, exclusively on Crackle. The first episode, Home is Where the Shart Is, will focus on the team struggling with their new roommates as Robobot (Zeb Wells) travels across the country in search of the elusive Swine Kampf (Chris Pine).

As if the show being back wasn’t reason enough to be happy, but the network kicked off a sweepstake, in partnership with Xbox Live today. They are giving one lucky fan the opportunity win a trip to Los Angeles, CA for them and a guest. The prize also includes a behind-the-scenes tour and look at how the hit stop-motion animated series is made at, Stoopid Buddies Studios, and more. Fans can enter to win here now through May 21

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