My First Comic-Con

My First Comin-Con

Last week I went to my first Comic-Con when I attended the Great Philadelphia Comic-Con, at the Expo Center in Oaks, Pa. It was an experience that I recommend for anyone that is at all interested in comic, reading, TV, etc. When I arrived at the event the first thing I noticed was a huge line that wrapped around the expo center full of people waiting to get in. The line of people was wildly diverse and filled with people of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds. They were all there to indulge in everything that a comic-con can offer and man, there was plenty to do. Once I finally made it into the building, the first thing that you see is a large sign that reads “Artist Alley”. Like the names suggests, there were rows and rows of booths full of original artwork on display for sale. Behind that there were tons of merchandise being sold from movie posters, Funko Pop figures, games, and of course comic books. Finally, in the very back of the Expo Center is where all the celebrity autograph signings were taking place; including the cast of Black Lighting.

As I walked Artist Alley I was truly in awe of all the talent that I saw there. The very first booth that caught my eye had a gigantic Black Panther drawing on the top of it. As I walked up the artist greeted me with a classic “Wakanda Forever” and proceeded to show my some of his work. It was mostly themed on more Black and African heroes, like Black Panther, Storm from the X-Men, Black Lighting, and more. The work was so well-done, that I bought two of his pieces. As I continued inward I found a corner booth that was selling comics, but I had never heard of the series “The Creators” so I asked the guy at the booth about the comic. He (Michael Bracco) explained to me that they were his comics, and that he wrote, illustrated, and self-published the book. I flipped through a couple of pages and was immediately was taken back by how beautiful, and detailed the book was. I talked to Michael for a few minutes and I was impressed with the both his personal story and the books’. I purchased a copy of “The Creators” and will be writing a review for it as soon as I finish reading it.

I continued to walk around the Expo Center talking to vendors about their favorite comics, overhearing conversations about how much everyone loved Infinity War. I finally walked back into “Celebrity Row” and a wave of 90’s nostalgia hit me. Austin St. John, the first Red Ranger was there, along with a few of his fellow rangers, as well as Val Kilmer and even Kel Mitchell (Who Loves Orange Soda!) I was overwhelmed and loved seeing the people that entertained me for years of my childhood. After about 4 hours I heard over the speaker system that the Black Lighting Panel was starting was I made my way to the Panel Room to get a good seat. The full cast was in attendance and the panel was funny and insightful especially hearing from Cress Williams (Black Lighting) about some of the more controversial episodes in the series. After the panel the cast took some pictures and sign a few more autographs before leaving, and soon after that so did I. This event was an incredible experience that I would recommend for anyone that is at all interested in comic, collectables, or just want to hang out with a bunch of nerds 😊 for a day or two. The organizers at the Great Philadelphia Comic-Con did a great job putting together a successful event for their patrons. Were you at the Great Philadelphia Comic-Con? If so what was your favorite part?  Let us know in the comments!

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