A Deadpool Triva Contest With CHIMICHANGAS!!!

*UPDATE* – 05/20/2018 In recent light that the email domain was not properly listed, we have extended the contest until Friday May 25th @ 11:59pm EST. We sincerely apologize for the inconvienence and ask that you please resubmit your entries as instructed below.

To celebrate Deadpool 2’s release this weekend, we here at ATQN decided to have some fun by having a contest about everyone’s favorite loud mouth S.O.B, Deadpool. Do you think you know the rich- red-Corinthian leather wearing hero well? Then put your wits to the test in our trivia contest! The contest is simple. Each person that gets ALL five trivia questions correctly will be entered in a drawing and a random lucky winner will be sent the adorable “Bob Ross Funko Pop” figure when it is released in June! Sorry but no chimichangas. Dont worry we will at least cover the shipping charges at no cost to you.

Just answer the questions below, copy and paste into an email, and send to: jovan@atqne.com before midnight EST May 18th and you will be entered. The drawing will be held on Wednesday May 23rd LIVE from our Facebook page! Good luck to all!

1.  As a joke, Deadpool’s creators named the foul-mouthed mercenary after another character who shared a striking resemblance to him and even went as far as to say hes “related” to them. What was that mystery character’s real name?

2. What famous superhero was Wade Wilson’s idol growing up?

3. In the Deadpool movie, What was Wade Wilson’s most prized possession?

4. In the opening sequence of the movie, what was the name of the show that Deadpool has a watch from?

5. What scene from the Deadpool comics was taken “word for word” and put into the movie? *Hint* It Has something to do with olives

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