Deadpool 2- It takes 2 to break the 4th wall baby


Deadpool, the Anti-hero we deserve, breaks through the fourth wall in cinemas yet again. Deadpool 2 arrived into theaters this weekend just in time to sweep up the dust from Avengers: Infiniti War. 


Now Deadpool, released Valentine’s Day of 2016, was a movie of epic proportions and left big shoes for its sequel to fill. It is already incredibly hard for any super hero movie to be a success when thrown against the Disney owned Marvel Studios, even if the movie is a Marvel Hero. We all know how it turned out for the 20th Century Fox made Fantastic Four films that missed the mark on multiple attempts. So could Deadpool return packing the same heat it did in the first film? The answer is heck yes it could, and it brought chimichangas to share.

The part about Deadpool that has always made him such an alluring subject is his blatant disregard for falling into the behaviors of the traditional super hero we have depicted film after film. He is not one to rely on his moral compass to over come his road blocks and lean on the help of his trusted allies to save the world. This aspect, I  feel, makes Deadpool more human than other heroes portrayed, and thus makes him more relatable. When I sit through a Disney made Marvel movie I have grown to expect certain things: flashy fights, light-hearted humor, a moral lesson, and heroes to protect us from what goes bump in the night ( minus you Star Lord, we know what you did!) Deadpool 2 has used these expectations to create a movie to refresh our pallets. After teasing us with hilarious trailers, like Cable’s green screen arm, and the movie cover take overs by the Anti-hero him self, I was ready to dive in to Deadpool 2. 

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From the beginning of the movie you are immediately brought face to face with Deadpool up to some shenanigans. Deadpool has always loved to break the fourth wall and I am so happy that the writers have kept that when adapting Deadpool from the comic to the screen. The movie takes you along Deadpool’s journey with finding out if there is room inside his heart for more than just fluffy unicorns and delicious taco treats. Instead of taking you the standard journey of conflict, roadblock, triumph that we are used to, Deadpool takes you on a scattered journey filled with one-liners, cameos, and nods to the Marvel Universe that will have both movie goers and comic cracking up.

The cast of Deadpool 2 truly helps bring the script to life. Returners like T.J. Miller, the lovable assassin bartender, and Karan Soni, the taxi driver in the wrong place at the right time, got to embellish more on their characters and had amazing chemistry. New comers Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz brought to the story line X-men’s Cable and Domino. While X-men rights are hard to come by these days, the two had strong characters that paid homage to the comics while still sprinkling some Deadpool humor on top. Ryan Reynolds took his lead role again in Deadpool and he truly has overcome the mess that was Wolverine Origins. When people had their doubts I simply imagined Van Wilder with super hero powers; this movie yet again reminds me that you either die as a horrible superhero cast or live long enough to be recasted as an epic one.

Art done by Maria Paganelli

As an overall movie Deadpool 2 was hilarious, dark, and full of nods to the world around us. As a sequel it exceeded my expectations. There is also airtime for the lovely Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds banter. The film did a great job with special effects and its selection for soundtrack. Deadpool 2 also has a surprise villain that is incredibly well portrayed from the comics.  It is rated R and definitely not kid appropriate so please get your sitters ready. There are animated credits that tie in to the movie, a mid credit scene that will leave you in stitches, and if you are a fan of the Marvel Universe stay for the end credits song. Now that we have the Anti-hero we never knew we needed, how long can Fox keep the man in the red and black suit alive against the never-ending Disney Marvel Cinema reign? Will there be enough hype for Deadpool 3? Only time will tell, but for now do yourself a favor and go see the film while the Chimichangas are still hot! 


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