Andrew Lincoln to leave The Walking Dead!

Say it ain’t so! Reports surfaced on Tuesday that Andrew Lincoln will be leaving The Walking Dead after season 9. AMC has announced the actor’s exit from the series after only 6 episodes. Which leaves fans to wonder at what point will he will have his swan song. However what is not clear is whether or not he will be killed off or leave voluntarily like Morgan did. What also becomes more disturbing is the fact that Lauren Cohen and Danai Gurira are also at the end of their contracts as well! One has to wonder if the show would be able to handle such a hit to the cast eliminating 3 of its biggest characters, especially considering Carl was recently killed off halfway through season 8. As of right now Michonne is simply speculation but Maggie is more than likely a goner as well since Lauren Cohen has only signed in to do 6 episodes herself. Will The Walking Dead kill Maggie and Rick at the same time? The bigger question would be is where would they go from there? This would certainly be a huge deviation from the comic and the producers would be almost flying viewers blind into the upcoming seasons. Maybe that’s their plan after all. Who else is sad to see Rick go?

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