Interview with Daphne and Velma staring Sarah Gilman

It has been one week since the release of Daphne and Velma the latest entry in the live action Scooby Doo universe. The movie focuses on the two crime fighters pre-Mystery Incorporated, telling the story of how they met and their very first case. At the girls’ high school someone or something is leaving students “zombie-fied”! This is making them unable to defend their spot as top of the class and winner of a prestigious internship.

I have seen the movie twice now; I think it is cute and that it could be a hit with kids while having enough classic call backs to keep the parents involved. Daphne and Velma is currently available streaming and available on DVD. Get this, there are already talks of a sequel! It all depends on how well the film performs. I recently had the chance to talk with Sarah Gilman who stars as Velma Dinkley about her experience being cast and making the film.


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