Lovecraft Letter: The Race for Sanity

This month’s table top spotlight comes from the minds of AEG and Seiji Kanai, Lovecraft Letter. If you are familiar with AEG games you have probably heard of the Love Letter games. It is known for being fast paced, with rounds lasting normally five minutes. Love Letter is a huge hit for occupying time in long lines. The game rules are also very easy to understand. Each have reference cards, so that even a board game novice can get involved.

Lovecraft Letter takes the structure of the standard Love Letter to the next level. This game allows up to six players which is two more than the classic version. Lovecraft Letter also introduces the battle for sanity. There is a mode in the game where you can become insane which allows certain cards to have special effect; however, if you are insane you must do sanity checks each round. This is done by flipping the deck to reveal a sane card for each insanity card you have played. This makes the game harder to play then its classic version and brings in more strategy. With the increase of strategy and cards, each round can last anywhere from five to ten minutes; a total game can last up to twenty minutes or more. 

Lovecraft Letter is also a must have for the Cthulu enthusiasts. The game brings piece’s of H.P. Lovecraft’s “Call of Cthulu” to life with the help of French Illustrator Vincent Dutrait.  Vincent designed a beautiful design for the box that looks like a bound book with a magnetic enclosure. He also designed longer than the standard cards that resemble tarot cards. Each card features gorgeous colored designs. They also fit in individual card sleeves with the backs designed to look like letters. Definitely, out of all the Love Letters so far this has the most detailed designed.


If you love card tabletop games, Lovecraft Letter is a must buy. The game comes with everything you need, even additional sleeves for emergencies. Only you can test your sanity as you battle your friends under the dark lord Cthulu’s eye. You can purchase this on Amazon or chance picking it up at Conventions. Or you can consider stopping by your local tabletop shop. If you are in the South Jersey area I highly recommend stepping into Top Deck Games where you can pick up any Love Letter game or order different versions. Stay Tuned next month for our next table top spotlight.

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