Spoiler Review – Solo: A Star Wars Story

The narrative of whether we needed another Star Wars Movie is silly. We don’t need these movies but  fans of film are happy for cinematic escapades into worlds we have bought into. There is no such thing as “Universe” fatigue. Ask any Potter head. Plus Disney did an excellent job with the trailers. Plus who can resist the cool of Lando?

Solo, a good film, despite what critics will tell you.  It had the Highest grossing Memorial day weekend opening in the past few years. Its only being called a flop because it was expected to make 150 million and it only made 118 million.  Setting high expectations and then almost making them is now a flop in the age on This America. Blame this on on the new age fan boys, a weird weather weekend, and those fickle Star Wars “fans” who don’t like the “new” era Star Wars.

This is your basic heist movie. Find the loot, steal the loot, get it before the other guys. It had all the great elements! Part buddy comedy, part spy film, part chase and fight film. It was great for those who knew Star Wars lore and newbies alike. Still it had its flaws. There was no need for a certain character to be done away with as it did nothing for the film and having them stay alive could have added so much more to the story.

Other deaths were utterly gut wrenching. Do robots have souls? I am almost convinced. Han is still cocky and head strong, but sometimes it’s that self assurance that gets you through those tight spaces. Qi’ra is a wonderful character but it’s horrible that this film fails the Bechdel test. Every time she talks to another woman, (or female robot) she is only asked about men. She has wonderful fight scenes and clearly fought her way to her position.  There is so much to her story and we learned none of it. She seems to only be used as a vehicle to advance the stories of how men make their choices, but we never learn what her choices were. Where is her agency? Is her choice at the end of the movie her own or is it her only resolution? We really do not have enough information to know for sure.

Overall, this was a good movie and I think opened the door for other Star Wars Stories. I’d give it a solid 7/10.  We have a lot more to learn about Han and Chewy and what happens before they meet up with the rest of the gang, still we did learn about the Kessel Run… oh and that Han always shoots first.

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