E3 Announcement: Elder Scrolls Blades, a mobile adventure of epic proportion.

Bethesda has announced that this fall they will finally bring their popular Elder Scrolls franchise to mobile. Meet Elder Scrolls Blades! The game will pack a full console experience into your smartphone when it hits both iPhone and Android in the Fall. Controls will obviously be a touch screen version of their popular series but I’m confident that if anyone can pull off such a maneuver that it would be Bethesda. You play as a Blade, one of the King’s top “agents” and you come back to find your home destroyed. From there you become exiled and start your typical Elder Scrolls journey. The game will come to mobile first with PC and console ports arriving later. In a twist that shouldn’t be shocking Blades will be a free to play game. Not quite Skyrim but I’ll happily take it, just like an arrow to the knee. That being said, the game looks gorgeous! One would have to imagine that you will need a pretty top-tier device to run this guy. Who else is excited? Let us know in comments below.

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