E3 Announcement: Fallout Shelter to come to Ps4 and Switch

After 3 years Bethesda is finally bringing its much beloved Fallout Shelter to PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. Fallout Shelter started its life as an iPhone game during E3 of 2015, eventually porting its way to Android and finally the Xbox One. To celebrate the anniversary they have decided to spread the love a little bit. The game was released at the same time as the announcement. This means you are free to download them now if either Sony or Nintendo are your NexGen console of choice; or both or all 3 if you’re greedy like us! I feel the PS4 version will be more of a “check it out” kind of scenario, just like the Xbox One version. However, I feel the Switch is the perfect system to demonstrate this kind of game. I have always felt on mobile versions the screen was too small and on a console it felt like overkill to play a move game. The portability of the Switch will more than likely make this the definitive version. To top it all off Bethesda has kept the game free to play! Who else is going to defend their Vault from a Deathclaw attack once they get home?

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