E3 Announcement: Dying Light 2

Developer Techland announced a follow up to its fantastic Dying Light with Dying Light 2. This game looks to be very ambitious and deliver everything we loved about the first game and so much more. Parkour still plays a huge part of the game and appears to be even more adventurous. You’re able to run along walls similar to Titanfall and swing across buildings by a rope. Nice! The zombies seem to be more menacing this time around with an amped AI to make it more realistic. Speaking of realism, Techland has introduced what seems to be the most robust choice system I’ve ever seen in a game. Every action or dialog option leads to a different outcome which shapes the way you play and the city itself. Defeat thugs and open up running water to parts of the city, but beware this sets up a martial law scenario with another faction. Side with those same thugs and gain a huge profit and access to better equipment but know the city is that much darker due to your actions. It’s a level of accountability that is truly a game changer. The developers say no two people will experience the game in the same way. The first Dying Light was one of my favorite games of this hardware generation and I still pop it in every few months because I honestly enjoy it that much. Here’s hoping the sequel lives up to the hype and delivers us a truly one of a kind zombie slaying experience. Two trailers below!


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