E3 Announcement:Cyberpunk 2077 trailer

The Witcher developer CD Project RED revealed more on their newest project Cyberpunk 2077 by dropping it’s newest trailer. Let’s start by saying the graphics look incredible! They describe it as a first person RPG. Think Deus Ex, but in a much broader scale. They plan on bringing many elements from the Witcher into a futuristic era, which is rather exciting. You’ll have an apartment to gather your belongings in and unlock more as time progresses. The class system is supposed to evolve as you evolve, which is a nice change of pace and very intuitive. They emphasized that choice will matter and impact the world around you. The game is shaping up to be huge and the trailer reminds me of shoving GTA and Shadowrun into a blender while only extracting the best of them both. Just shut up and take my money already!

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