Convention 411: Anime takes on Atlantic City

Konichiwa! Are you a convention all star? Do you love meeting up with fellow nerd compadres? Or have you never attended a con but are looking to start? Well, if you’re a novice or an expert,  you have come to the right location to find the 411 on some awesome conventions around the country! This 411 goes out with a spotlight in the Anime community! I had the pleasure of attending the annual AnimeNEXT convention.


AnimeNEXT has a heavy focus on, you guessed it, Anime. The convention also celebrates Video games and Mangas. AnimeNEXT, while being smaller than conventions like Otakon, it still has a lot to offer. AnimeNEXT also stands out with with the amount of activities it has for its attendees as some of the other conventions. AnimeNEXT had a game room, artist alley, a concert, dance, workshops, photo ops, karaoke, and LIVE COSPLAY WRESTLING, just to name a few. It’s also a great convention to go to for those who are new to the convention scene because you get a jam packed weekend with half the cost and half the crowds.

Now if you are planning to go down to AnimeNEXT, I highly recommend pre-registering and getting the early pass. The Pre-registration was $65 for all three days compared to the door prices which were $75 for the weekend, $45 for Friday, $55 for Saturday, and $40 for Sunday. While the staff was great at processing guests, the line for con tickets was still massive with easily a half hour to hour wait while the pre-registration was 2 minutes at longest. If you go to a lot of anime conventions, chances are you can find an AnimeNEXT table and they sometimes offer bonus discounts for their tickets. AnimeNEXT is incredibly active with their followers on social media, and proactively post news about their cons like room rates, weather, traffic, and updating times. During the Convention itself, each information booth had a TV monitor with up to date room changes and each staff member was able to tell me where each workshop, show, or designation was, as well as suggesting different activities to check out during the convention.

AnimeNext was held in the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, NJ. This venue was a great choice with plenty of space to host the growing convention with out feeling crammed. The convention center has a huge parking garage that was only $15 for the day. If you were planning on staying the weekend, Atlantic City is full of different hotels like Harrahs, Caesars, and the Wyndham to name a few. While the Convention center is not right off the main board walk, you can take a Jitney for as low as a $1 to take you back and forth from the convention, to your room, and maybe out to one of the many restaurants. If you are in the Tri-state area, Atlantic City is a quick and easy drive and easy to locate. The ocean and beautiful casino buildings help make for some very amazing Cosplay backdrops as an added bonus!

If you love to Cosplay, or are looking to start, AnimeNEXT is a great convention to display your look. Novice Cosplayers can feel more confident with the smaller size of this convention. Expert Cosplayers can do runs of their looks before upcoming larger cons, or just do one of their go to looks. Either one will be sure to get lots of photo ops and help get their names out there make networking easier than it is at other conventions.

This convention is definitely a must go. It caters to all ages, as well as new and routine convention attendees. Best way to go is pre-registering for the weekend, grab a hotel on the main strip of Atlantic City, enjoy the convention and explore AC in your down time. Head over to AnimeNEXT Facebook and follow them for upcoming news on where to find their tables at upcoming conventions and when to register for 2019! Also head to our guest cosplayers’ Instagrams and click follow to watch their awesome looks! See you with the next time convention 411! Sayonara!

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