JJ Abrams: Jack of All Trades – Master of Most.

JJ Abrams, his name synonymous with action, drama and sci-fi films. Well, that and the most confusing ending to a television show in history (spoiler alert: The show’s name rhymes with the word Bost.) His career awards include 76 wins and some of the most memorable titles in television and movie fandom. He had us hoping we had a crew as cool as Bruce Willis, Michael Clark Duncan and Ben Affleck to save us from a giant, earth-shattering asteroid in Armageddon. (Side note. If they could teach a pack of miscreant, oil-drillers to plant a bomb, why not just train a bunch of actual ASTRONAUTS to do the same thing? I’m just saying.) He also had us fighting creatures the size of cities equipped with a handheld camera to save New York in Cloverfield, and he gave us Pre-Fast and Furious Paul Walker driving for his life after a CB radio prank goes horribly wrong in Joy Ride. Finally, and probably most impressively he managed to merge the “Trekies” with the die-hard “Warzians” by revamping both the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises. Pretty impressive, no?

For me personally, I became an Abrams fan with a little known cartoon named Samurai Jack; a show about a time-traveling samurai with a magic katana fighting to save the world from a rather bleek, dystopian society run by a demon named Aku. Robots, Ninjas, and futuristic demons, Oh my! I am not ashamed to admit I totally geeked out. I watched all four seasons faithfully and went through a bit of withdrawal when Season Four left me hanging on for answers. Did he beat Aku? Was he able to make the leap home? (Sorry about that one. I liked Quantum Leap. I make a lot of 80’s references.) But Jackhammers (I made that one up. Feel free to use), REJOICE! In a limited series revival, 12 years later, Samurai Jack returned and gave us all the answers we had been waiting for and some we weren’t expecting at all. I’m not crying. You’re crying. Yep, all this from the brain of a kid from New York with a BIG imagination.

I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next. Whether it be the Ethan Hunt’s next death-defying, world-saving, nail biter in Mission: Impossible, Rey, BB-8, and Finn’s next galactic roller coaster in the Star Wars saga, or if we can continue to Live Long and Prosper in the newest installment of Star Trek, one thing is for sure. Mr. Abrams, you have given us a hell of a ride! We have loved every minute of it!

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Abrams!

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