Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist Coming Stateside This Winter

Everyone’s favorite dark fantasy anime, Tokyo Ghoul, is getting a game adaption for the first time here in the west. Bandai Namco yesterday released an official trailer of the game that showcased the game’s beautiful design work. The object of the game is simple (if you’ve watch the anime of course); survive! Choose between fighting a war with a Kagune as a Ghoul or Quinque as an Investigator, in a third person world view. There are no details on how the survival game play will actually work as of yet. We do know that the majority of characters throughout the franchise will be making an appearance. Expect the game to be released by the end of 2018 in Japan. As of right now ,there is still no word on a definitive date for the stateside release.  For now, check out the trailer below!



Tokyo Ghoul re: Call to Exist will be available of Playstation 4 and PC

Stay tuned for future updates!

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