Lumines Remastered Review: Keep Shining

The year was 2004 and the Sony PSP was the hottest system out. A portable Playstation! Seriously!? The PSP had many a great game for its time but there was one that kept bringing me and my wife back over and over again. That game was Lumines and it was an amazing demonstration of the little systems capabilities. Lumines was a puzzle game created by mastermind Tetsuya Mizuguchi and I would dare to call it an even greater puzzle game than Tetris. The concept is very simple and similar to Tetris. Blocks of 4 fall from the top of the screen. Each either a solid color or a blend of the 2 colors that currently are part of the level you are on. It is your job to match them up into 4 or more to eliminate them. However, the twist with Lumines, is that it is music driven. The levels are based off of the soundtrack and the colors of the blocks change as you progress. Coupled with the pace at which the blocks falling coinciding with the song playing and you can see where the challenge comes into play. They took a very simple concept that, added with this twist,made it into an addictive battle of skill vs luck. It’s a must play! But,unfortunately,it’s now 2018 and I highly doubt you can get your hands on a PSP and even further doubt your PSP would even work if you found one. There has been no way to relive this gem…. Until now.

Lumines Remastered has been released for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. The game has been fully remastered from the ground up, but doesn’t lose any charm of the original. The game has HD graphics and a full stereo soundtrack to go along with it. Lumines was a pretty game to begin with but didn’t hold up well after 14 years. However, the remaster looks damn good. The game looks as good as anything in recent memory and outshines others in its genre. The soundtrack remains just as addictive as ever and you’ll find yourself pushing yourself to the limit just to hear the next song. The beauty of the original is how the music integrates into the puzzle-solving and this isn’t something lost on the remake. It’s still fantastic as ever! I personally reviewed the game on the Switch and I would recommend you pick it up there, if you own multiple consoles, as it gives the perfect on the go experience that fits with the game’s style and helps flood you with the nostalgia of the original release. For those that missed the original, I definitely recommend this as a must play and for those who loved the original you now have the opportunity to “keep shining”.

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