What Disney buying Fox means for fans.

Talks have been circulating for months in whether or not Disney would buy Fox. People have been in anticipation hoping this goes through. MCU and X-Men together at last! Fantastic 4 may finally get the movie they deserve! Last week all the legal mumbo jumbo cleared up and Disney followed through on its decision to purchase 21st Century Fox. This came as a surprise to almost no one and many fans are super psyched for the merger, but what does this actually mean for fans?

First and foremost we have the X-Men series. This was obviously the main reason for Disney to start the acquisition process and the property that fans are most looking forward towards. The X-Men have long ties to the Avengers and to Spider-Man making the current MCU feel as though it was lacking something. Don’t get me wrong, I think the MCU has done more justice for comic book movies than anybody else. While the X-Men franchise started the movement for superheroes being real contenders for big cinema they’ve played second fiddle to Marvel themselves once the train was full steam ahead. Now we have a shot of getting a true scope of the Marvel Universe. Civil War and Infinity War were both amazing movies but everyone’s favorite mutants had a hand in both in the comics and the fact that the MCU was able to cover their absence was a marvel! This gives them an opportunity for total redemption even if it wasn’t needed. Think about it, when would be a perfect time to introduce a whole cast of powerful superheroes? I don’t know, maybe when a certain villain wiped out half the planet. I almost feel the acquisition was driven as a way of introducing Xavier’s most gifted into the fold. Question is will they start from scratch or will they marry the existing universe’s together. The X-Men franchise has had some missteps along the way; however, they have had some perfect casting decisions that can be hard to replace. Go ahead and find a better Wolverine than Hugh Jackman, I’ll wait….. Yeah I figured as much. Either way it’ll be exciting to see the two teams join forces or even go head to head.

That being said you can’t really bring up the X-Men series without bringing up Deadpool. Disney has already committed to keeping Deadpool R rated which is a huge sigh of relief. They have also committed to bringing similar content so more Logan is welcome too if possible! Deadpool has been a juggernaut so far and shows no signs of slowing down. This of course has to do with the excellent casting choice of Ryan Reynolds who almost seems to have been born to play the “Merc with the mouth”. Even in what is widely regarded as a terrible rendition of Deadpool in Wolverine Origins, Reynolds shines during his on-screen adaptation of Wade Wilson. I for one personally liked the movie but have to agree that this was not Deadpool’s best outing. Since then Ryan Reynolds has done a killer job of convaying himself as the antihero and here is another instance of hoping Disney chooses not to recast. I assume they won’t considering they like piles of money. Even more exciting is that we may finally get Spider-Man and Deadpool! These two have had a long running series and make perfect partners onscreen. I would love a chance to see Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland riffing off of each other. Surely I’m not the only one?

Then we have the notoriously bad Fantastic¬†4 movies that Fox churned out every few years just to keep the licensing. This is a franchise that clearly should have been returned into Marvel’s hands years ago. Every opportunity was simply squandered and it’s tragedy considering this is one of Marvel’s oldest and dearest franchises. The theme has always been that family thrives in the face of adversity and they have just never been able to get it just right. You have four characters with so much depth and you give them all the personality of a wet paper towel. They have never executed on supporting cast either. I mean how do you mess up both Galactus and the Silver Surfer? Galactus should have been a bigger threat than Thanos, who received a multi movie build up before he demonstrated his bad assery. Here you show a planet eating entity as a cloud of light. Even Dormammu was more menacing and he was portrayed in the exact same fashion! This also gives Marvel the chance to finally give us a proper version of Dr. Doom. This guy had been a thorn in the sides of so many super heroes it’s insane. Now we finally have an opportunity for them to do him right.

Disney also acquired a slew of other properties during this acquisition like the Simpsons, Family Guy, Avatar and more. These are definite cash cow properties for them and they sure will integrate nicely into their upcoming streaming service. My focus here however was to talk about the future of the MCU and honestly it looks to be a bright one!

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