Nintendo Direct: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo held its Nintendo Direct today and this time they only did one game.

That game, boys and girls, was Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Now I know that for E3 they announced the game and a fair amount of details, but this was definitely worth a watch. Let’s get started then shall we?

First off, Nintendo announced some new fighters: first and probably most exciting will be Simon and Richtor Belmont from the Castlevania series. Nintendo and Castlevania have some long-standing roots. I’m glad to see we’ll finally get to play as the vampire slayer. Richtor will be an echo character of Simon (but more on that in a minute).

We will also be receiving King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong series. For those of you guys who are huge fans of the series, this is some good news.

From the Fire Emblem series, we will see the introduction of Chrom. Chrom will play as an echo character of Roy which will be a nice addition to the already huge roster.

Last, but not least, we will finally get to get our hands on Dark Samus. Dark Samus will be an echo character for Samus.

Now I’m sure some of you are unclear on what the “echo characters” are. These playable fighters will be alternates for existing characters. Think of selecting them as similar to picking an alternate outfit. They won’t be total clones however as they will have their own set of moves. This time around, you’ll be able to either have all the echo characters show up as their own character on the select screen or condense them down to blend in with the fighter they are based on. I personally love this option and will more than likely have mine be stand-alone choices to feel like I have an expanded roster.

Now, what would the introduction of Simon Belmont be without adding a Castlevania stage? Nintendo delivers once again. The stage will be filled with monsters from throughout the series, causing even more panic in an already mayhem driven game. Fighters will break candles to receive items just like in the real game. Nice! Speaking of stages, Nintendo announced that Smash Bros Ultimate will have 103 different stages to choose from. That’s a huge amount of levels to select from. This time around, players will pick their stage first so they can select a fighter to accommodate the level they are brawling on. However, Nintendo did not stop there! Every stage has an option to select a battlefield or an omega version giving you over 300 total variants! They did not elaborate on the battlefield or omega versions, but even the slightest tweaks do add a level of depth so this is some seriously exciting news.

Smash Bros always offers several play modes and this time around is no different. Before you even get into the game, you will pick your play mode so it becomes your default way of playing. Stamina mode will now be added as a regular play mode which to me is amazing as that was always my preferred method of play and digging through a special menu was annoying. They have added tourney mode which the game will break down into brackets to see which fighter will come out on top. They also added an elimination style mode called “Striker” where a character can only be picked once. After that, they are eliminated from the roster until you’ve made your way through all of them. Sounds like fun! There will be 3vs3 and 5vs5, oh my! Finally, during regular Smash, players will also encounter boss fights. Under certain unexplained circumstances, players will be able to do battle with Dracula from the Castlevania series or Rathalos from Monster Hunter.

With so much announced so far how could they add to it? Consider this the cherry on top. The game will feature over 800 songs that will be mapped depending on the stage your on. For instance, if you play on any Zelda stage, then one of the many Zelda tracks will rotate through. The new Castlevania stage has 32 tracks alone. In case that isn’t enough, you will be able to go in and rearrange the order or disable tracks all together. To add to the already mountainous amount of features, Nintendo will even allow you to plug in headphones and play the tracks in sleep mode like an Mp3 player. Who even asked for this? Still, a pretty sweet feature to say the least.

With 67 announced characters, over 800 music tracks and 103 stages, this is certainly looking to be the biggest Smash Bros ever. It is definitely deserving of the name “Ultimate”. They have also introduced dozens of assist characters like Shovel Knight and Knuckles.

Though I wish they made them playable instead, I cannot argue with the amount of content this game will have. I’m not entirely sure how they will fit it all on one cartridge, to be honest. Weighing in at 16GB, this is definitely Nintendo’s most ambitious game project to date. (Well, maybe except for Breath of the Wild.) Regardless, I can’t wait for December 7th. Who else is picking this up on day one?

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