Note 9 announced!

As previously reported, Samsung announced the Note 9 today. One would think that there wouldn’t be much improvement from last year’s Note 8 or this year’s Galaxy 9+. They would be mistaken. Let’s take a look, shall we?

First off, the device looks very similar to last year’s phablet. However, it is a hair smaller. Why would they do that? Don’t they know people want bigger phones? Relax fam, Samsung’s got you! While decreasing the size just a bit due to a smaller bezel, they have increased the screen size from 6’3 to 6’4 making it once again the largest screen you can get in a smartphone. As always with the Note line lately, the curved edge is very slight giving you maximum screen real estate. Nice!

There is one other noticeable difference and that comes in the form of the fingerprint scanner. The scanner has been moved below the cameras making it much more accessible. I can vouch from using the Note 8 as my personal device that this is a welcome addition. No longer will you have to sprain your fingers in order to unlock your device! This is a perfect spot for accessibility and I’m unsure why Samsung has not placed it here before in any of their models.

That’s enough about aesthetic, tell me what’s inside! The device runs off of the same processor found in the Galaxy 9 and 9+ which sounds disappointing until you hear the kicker: Samsung has gone with 2 different models this time around. You can either opt for the 128GB model with 6GB of RAM, or you can pick the higher end 512GB model with 8GB of RAM. That’s insane! You can pick an overclocked Note 8 with double the storage or elect to have what is arguably the equivalent of a laptop in your pocket. Speaking of a laptop in your pocket, Samsung has included their DeX software into the device, no dock needed. This means you can plug into an external video source and your device turns into a desktop. Amazing!

Now in order to back up all that power, you would need a pretty large battery. Naturally, Samsung hears you and included a 4,000 mAh battery. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t Samsung kind of tempting fate by putting in such a large battery? Relax! This time around, they went through a more rigorous testing process and not only checked it in-house, but through not one, but two outside companies. If the phone does get warm, worry not. It still packs the same water resistance as the previous model.

What about the inside you ask? Samsung has introduced something groundbreaking in a smartphone. Samsung has put a water-carbon cooling system inside to prevent overheating. Seriously?! This seems like a bit of overkill, however, this will lead to the Note 9 being the smoothest running smartphone ever created.

Camerawise, Samsung has taken the excellent camera found in the Galaxy 9+ and amped it up ensuring every aspect of the device is top of the line. Finally, Samsung has upgraded the S-Pen after many years. Also, it is Bluetooth enabled and can control different functions of the device. You can take a picture, play or pause music and many other features; Samsung has gone all out.

All in all, the Note 9 seems to have taken every possible advancement it could have and packed it into what will arguably be the best smartphone of the year. Apple better bring something special to the table this year in order to compete! The Galaxy Note 9 goes live for pre-order starting tomorrow August 9th and officially launches August 24th. The device will come in 2 color schemes. You’ll have your choice of either Blue with a Yellow S-Pen or Pink/Purple. I currently love my Note 8 and have many friends who feel the same about theirs or their Galaxy 9, but Samsung just unleashed a beast of a phone and I’m not sure who can really resist.

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