God of War adds new game plus mode

Sony’s critically acclaimed God of War sequel simply titled God of War has received a major update today introducing us to some goodness. There will be new armor types available for Kratos to unlock, some lending special abilities like mini explosions when Kratos stomps ground for health pick ups. There are now more of the insanely difficult Valkerie challenges if you’re a masochist like that. Sony has also added timed Realm Tears for those that want a little more challenge without the full head on collision of a Valkerie. The last and most arguably best part of the update is the new game plus. Starting with this option allows Kratos and Atreus to start with all skills, upgrades and weapons from their previous adventure. This will allow players to experience the game in a new light by unlocking the Blades of Chaos right off the bat. That should make that first fight with Baulder a little bit easier. This also gives the players opportunity to explore regions of the map that were previously inaccessible upon their first play through. The update is live now and gives gamers an excuse to return and fill the shoes of our favorite bloodthirsty Greek God.

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