Spelunky 2 announced!

This year E3 announced a lot of big games for next year. In fact, the end of 2018 has some giant blockbuster titles coming at us as well. However, as much time as I’ll invest in the next Smash Bros, a sequel was just announced that may consume even more of my time. Developer Mossmouth announced a sequel to his highly rated and successful cult classic Spelunky.

Spelunky 2 will be released sometime in 2019. While an actual release date has not been announced, this builds excitement as it delivers us something that we all wanted, but didn’t know was ever coming. For the uninitiated, the first Spelunky was a master of the rogue-like genre. Players are given a whip, one life with four hearts, four bombs and four ropes to start. They are given little to no instruction in how to play and the game is unforgivably hard. However, that is where the draw lies.

The levels are short enough and the concepts are so easy to grasp that mastery of how to play happens within moments. The game’s level designs are totally procedurally generated and you’ll never have the same run twice. The game is very driven by a risk-reward system that isn’t rivaled by many of its peers. To say this game is addicting is an understatement.

Spelunky 2 promises to offer everything we loved about the sequel and adds so much more. There will be two paths per level now. One will simply be a make it to the end while the other will simulate the hardcore game we all have grown to love. If you think about it, it’s actually brilliant. Some folks were scared by the challenge of the previous installment and avoided it. This gives them a chance to enjoy the game with all the added stress. My children loved to play but gave up very easily as it’s basically a cartoonish version of Dark Souls. This time around, there will be more gear and goodies to grab as well as more challenges and a realistic water system.

The game will launch next year on PS4 and PC. Unfortunately, no word on an Xbox One or Switch version of the game but one has to imagine they’ll show up eventually. Personally, I think the Switch will make a perfect home for this gem and here’s hoping we see that. Until then? Enjoy the trailer.

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