Surprise! Apple announces their next announcement.

It’s no secret that Apple likes money. This is further proven since they have had an annual release of their latest and greatest for the past 10 generations. They are also notorious for holding a press event shortly before so the world knows it’s coming.

This year proves no different boys and girls.

Apple has sent out their invitations to their yearly unveiling. The event will take place in Cupertino, California, as always, with the announcement taking place on September 12th. Apple has a pretty solid record of releasing the new device about a week after it’s announced. Logic would deduct that we’ll probably see a September 21st launch. Rumors have been flying all over the place from three different models to an even larger screen than the X. Unfortunately, nothing is concrete until Apple makes its annual statement.

As soon as we find out that info, we’ll let you guys know the nitty-gritty. Until then, enjoy your current model that has probably gotten suspiciously slow since the announcement.

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