Sword Art Online Season 3 Trailer Revealed! “Young Kirito Goes Buck Wild”

That’s right SAO fans in case you’ve been under a rock these past few months; the anime is making a return with a new storyline, new characters, old characters, and a new sinister villain. The trailer shows Kirito in a world created by AI, like Alice, called “Underworld”. ¬†At first glance, it looks like a peaceful world, but look deeper and you”ll find AI’s enslaving other AI’s to do their bidding. How this has anything to with Kirito and why he’s entered another digital world is a mystery; this has Kirito written all over it. Jumping¬†into digital worlds, finding out you can’t leave the world, and helping others along the way is definitely Kirito’s M.O.! Whatever the storyline is, we at least know the focus will be around Alice. Take a look at the preview trailer number two below

Season 3 of SAO: Alicization will air October 3rd in Japan.

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